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Soenen is the Founder and Executive Director of "SOME PEOPLE," the multiverse channel that examines the people, processes and systems that constitute the maintenance of, and barriers to, Public and Global Health.  


Her areas of expertise are: White Collar Healthcare Crime, Best Practice, Quality of Care, Non-privatized Single Payer Healthcare policy, and Do No Harm business ethics. 

Soenen has been personally harmed by the Commercial Health Insurance industry in the United States. She is a lifelong advocate of enacting a Single Payer National Health Program and she endorses Universal Healthcare / The Medicare for All Act of 2024. She shares the belief with ethical medical professionals that putting patients over politics is paramount to building a civil society and Harm-for-Profit should be made illegal.

Since 1996, Soenen has worked for Oscar, Peabody, World Press, MacArthur and Pulitzer Award–winning organizations in media and policy. She is currently the COO of AMPERS Radio Association in Minnesota.

As a young woman, Soenen worked directly for Dr. Quentin Young, Dr. Gordy Schiff, Dr. Linda Peeno, Dr. Deb Richter, David Himmelstein and others at Physicians for a National Health Program as the Media Relations Manager. Among her other responsibilities, she coordinated then-Senator Barack Obama’s Single Payer press conferences in Chicago  pitched and placed key policy articles and OpEds with national press. She also traveled to Washington, D.C., to present H.R. 676, The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act, to Congress with several Single Payer luminaries including Drs. Marcia Angell, David Himmelstein, Steffie Woolhandler, David Satcher, Quentin Young and Economist Dean Baker among others.

Since that time Soenen has financed and produced reportage about Maternal Mortality, Chronic, Kidney Disease, PTSD, TBI, Polio Eradication, Hunger Eradication, Neglected Diseases worldwide, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Child Brides, Mass Incarceration, Chronic Illness, the dangers of Off-Label Marketing, Burn Pits and more.

Soenen has led global multimedia teams and collaborated with bureaus and verticals around the world, including data, investigative, documentary and photojournalism, to produce in-depth narratives, top-tier accountability journalism, visually-impactful essays and high-caliber storytelling across multiverse platforms.

Soenen works with an international network of high performing journalists, producers, policy leaders and artists to improve Public Health policy through visual story telling, reporting and live events. They work together globally to expose fraud and criminality across the healthcare ecosystem.

Her writing and editing have been featured in The Index on Censorship, New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune Magazine, The 2nd Hand, MILK, NPR, CNN, MinnPost and the History in Africa Journal (Cambridge University Press), among others. 

During her early career she worked for Harper’s Magazine, NPR in Washington, DC, Chicago Tribune books division, and Kartemquin Films. More recently, she was the Director of Global Business Development and Special Projects for VII Photo Agency in New York. 

She is the coproducer of Fatal Neglect, the six-part Médecins Sans Frontières documentary series filmed internationally about Global Health. She is the supervising producer of Long Shadow, a film and national engagement project about mass incarceration policy in the United States and how it impacts Public Health. For the DOC NYC film festival she curated VII Uncommissioned which addresses pressing political issues globally, and she is the Executive Producer of Vicarious, a study of trauma reduction and harm prevention. In addition, she financed Defy about rape as a weapon of war for the International Rescue Committee and Under Cane  which exposes the causes of Chronic Kidney Disease among sugar cane workers. 

One of the most impactful long-running multiverse projects she worked on is Bring it to The Table. The project includes a short documentary, webisode series, online platform, and community engagement campaign aimed at bridging political divides and breaking down partisanship.

Soenen is a member of the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism and a graduate of Loyola University Chicago.

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