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In May of 1996, when Dr. Linda Peeno first testified before the United States Congress about the Denial of Care business model the Commercial Health Insurance industry architected under the veil of “Managed Care,” she rejected the label “Whistleblower,” because she didn't seem to fit the category. During her testimony, she wasn't revealing some specific aspect of maleficence by a single company so much as attempting to expose unethical practices and systems across an entire industry and government.


So, who, exactly, is a healthcare industry “Whistleblower?


Whistleblower law firms are only motivated by and interested in those cases in which there is money to be made. Yet, there are myriad occurrences of unethical, harmful actions, practices, systemic effects that can cause harm and death to individuals that have no financial value and come with risk and potential devastation. Those are the hardest for individuals who have an ethical compass and professional integrity to act upon and bear the consequences. 

Dr. Peeno has appeared before the U.S. Congress three times to testify about how Denial of Care is implemented, how Harm-for-Profit is executed and how Americans working for Commercial Health Insurance companies and Corporate Hospital Chains are incentivized to impose financial distress and preventable harm and death on their fellow citizens.


SOME PEOPLE leverages those healthcare professionals trying to prevent Moral Inury and harm in healthcare.


SOME PEOPLE initiatives and public appearances educate and empower patients, provide resources to investigative journalists, and leverage all medical professionals and medical students advocating for non-privatized Universal Healthcare in the name of true Public Health and Global Health. 


We work through the prism of Health Humanities, high quality journalism and the law. If you have witnessed, been financially incentivized to impose harm, or experienced harm within healthcare systems internationally, we want to hear from you.

  • Share your healthcare experience

  • Find legal assistance resources

  • Identify harmful healthcare industry practices 

  • Report in a Safe Space for Anonymous Whistleblowers 

  • Report a White Collar Healthcare Crime

  • Share your story with accomplished Investigative Journalism teams

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