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The Opening Night "SOME PEOPLE" (Every)Body exhibition catalogue edition is now SOLD OUT. The catalogue is 10 inches x 7 inches / 163 pages / b&w and color / with more than 80 essays. 

The forthcoming limited edition book publication and release date is TBA. 










Excerpt from the catalogue: Health is something we all have, although it constantly varies in each of us, from good to bad. Health is more than just physical. Health can be modulated towards the “good” end of the spectrum, for the right price. Health is a chess piece to the capitalist...preferably kept in a vulnerable and deteriorated state for maximum profit. Health is being held for ransom. 


- Nikkolas Smith


"Bodies for Sale." Digital Painting by Nikkolas Smith.




"Emerging" by Ana Simonovska

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"Falling" by Ana Simonovska


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This self-portrait was taken in my improvised home studio. I laid myself down on a black sheet, positioned the light source high above, and set the camera on the tripod looking down at me. I wanted to achieve an underwater atmosphere because, to me, there’s a specific kind of isolation, tranquility, and feeling of closeness to myself when I’m underwater. Water provides the best “space” to go deeper into ourselves.

This vulnerable and exposed fetal position conveys freedom from all social labels, assumptions, conditionings, and false identities people impose on others. The downward motion into the deep symbolizes surrendering to our true nature.

We are born from water. We are propelled by water.

For me, the body and spirit are two faces of the same coin. Both are interconnected and should be nurtured and taken care of equally.

As a yoga practitioner for several years now, I’ve come to understandthe importance of the body as one of the entry points for us to begin a deeper dialogue with ourselves. How we treat the body in many ways reflects how we treat ourselves on a deeper level. I strive for strength, flexibility, and openness for exploration on the physical, mental, and spiritual level.


To the best of my knowledge, I am healthy now. For me, health is balance, when all parts of the whole are working together in harmony. Those who are lucky live a long journey physically, inwardly, and psychologically.

- Ana Simonovska