Photo by Alyssa Schukar



This international group project examines the ethics, people, processes, and systems that constitute the maintenance of, and barriers to, health for human beings.

Our live and digital exhibitions examine Global Health through the prism of policy, ethics and the need for stable Public Health infrastructure.

As a group of highly accomplished photographers, artists and essayists, we strive daily through our work toward educated, safe, equitable, just, healthful societies internationally.


With this multiverse engagement platform we are asking the seminal question of our time: How do people define health, healthcare, and Public Health? What behaviors, values, priorities and business practices need to change now to restore faith in science and in healthcare institutions more broadly? How does political polarization harm Public Health?

We raise questions through visual story telling and reportage about business practices, persons, products and systems that impose harm and death.

We are dedicated to education, accountability and fact-based reportage.

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