The contributing photographers are regularly published in the most respected journalism, advocacy and policy publications worldwide to include the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New Yorker, Frontline, 60 Minutes, National Geographic, TIME, Washington Post, The Guardian, Topic, BBC, Velg, Paris Match, Spiegel, Science and other top international news outlets. Many have received World Press Photo, Ellie, Peabody, Pulitzer, and Prix Pictet honors. 

The photographers have presented at the most prestigious and highly regarded forums to include Annenberg Space, International Center for Photography, National Geographic Photo Symposium, Visa pour l’image, Bronx Documentary Center and the Museum of Contemporary Photography, and universities and medical schools internationally.

The contributing artists have exhibited at and been commissioned by The World Trade Center Oculus, Obama Foundation, Lanoue Gallery Boston, West Elm, UBS, TIME Magazine, NIKE, Michael Jordan, NBC Universal, LG, The Atlantic, TED, Design Museum London, Art Institute of Chicago, BBDO, Medline, Central Station Toronto, The Innocence Project, Cleveland Public Art, Obey Giant, ESPN, Disney, and Big Ten Network among others worldwide. 

The physicians participating in the exhibition have a wide range of health philosophies. Their expertise includes new approaches to Human and Animal Rights, Emergency Room Care, Pediatrics, Palliative Care, Prevention, Primary Care, Trauma Reduction and more. They frequently publish on an array of topics related to Public Health.

We, as a group, are actively and consistently dedicated to education, teaching, publishing and media engagement across distribution channels and live experience events globally. 




Akpene Sarah Agamah MPH, MBA, MD Candidate 2021 

Sobia Ansari, MD

Ayanna Buckner MD, MPH, FACPM

Mardge Cohen, MD

Dwayne Corcoran, MD

Nahiris M. Bahamón Fernández, MD

Hope Ferdowsian, MD, MPH, FACP, FACPM

Dennis Gates, MD

Maya McKeown, MD Candidate 2022

Peter Orris, MD, MPH

Susan Rogers, MD

Anne Scheetz, MD

Gordy Schiff, MD

Amanda Snead, MSTP, Neurodegenerative Disease 

Rex Tai, MD Candidate 2021

Chip Thomas, MD

Philip Verhoef, MD

Arnold Widen, MD