WE by Wilson Tanner Smith

La Corriente Que Nos Une by Rubén Salgado Escudero

At What Cost? by Eivind H. Natvig

Benefit Buy Down by Kimberly J. Soenen | Photo by Erika DuFour

Water | Group Multimedia and Data Art Installation 

Blood Money by Michael Curry

Global Health 

Narrated by Raymond Jeremiah Finbarr O'Sullivan 

Written by Kimberly J. Soenen

*With subtitles

Ripple Effect by Roar Svenning 

"SOME PEOPLE" (Every) Body Introduction

Narrated by Raymond Fox - Lookingglass Theatre Company

Written by Kimberly J. Soenen

*With Subtitles

Pulse by Kimberly J Soenen and Faust

Candy Shop by Patrick Smith (Blend Films)